Week 2 Reflection Post

“I think with fabric it’s so final so it’s more stressful.”

Renee Lomen
  • Did you meet the module’s learning objectives? Would you to learn more about something in more detail? Was something of particular interest to you? Yes I’ve met the module’s objectives. I think I’d like to learn more about other types of ink and how to apply them to applicable surfaces. I’m particularly interested in the use of a printer and film but have yet to try it.
  • What design did you choose to draw on film? Does it hold a particular value to you? Share a picture of the result both on film and the resulting stencil on your screen. I attempted to outline a flower that my late Grandma used as a beading pattern however the lines were very thin and it didn’t show through the screen very well, so the stencil was no stencil at all. Photos are attached. I also used an eagle feather that was gifted to me while at a treatment center for addiction issues in 2006 by a friend who committed suicide after he returned home. It has a very special place in my heart and the eagle feather signifies strength and beauty so it means a lot to me. I didn’t even bother with the earrings, rabbit or flower stencil.
  • Share how coating a screen went. What about reclaiming a screen. Did your home setup work for reclaiming a screen? I’m not a fan of the home washout station (my tub). I’m on my knees hunched over, just not at all comfortable by any means. I can’t wait for my husband to get home because he will be building me a stand that I can take in and out of the tub at waist height. He just doesn’t know it yet. Haha. I am also not liking having the “studio” in my kitchen. I don’t do very well with disorganization and the table is set up with all the equipment and it’s slowly driving me crazy. I also don’t want to put it away only to have to take it out, set it up again for the next module, so it’s there for now.
  • What differences did you find between printing paper and printing fabric? Do you have a preference? I found paper to be easier or so it seemed. I didn’t set up the screen the right way at first so tried to wing it and it proved not to be a good idea. Teach me to be lazy. I think with fabric it’s so final so it’s more stressful. Haha. I also noticed when setting up the screen that my jig wasn’t set up right, so had to redo that. I realized what I did before I sent STW staff an email whining ‘something was wrong’.

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