Reflection Week 2 & 3

Things have been flowing along. I have been testing different ways of setting up the studio to see what will work ergonomically in order to do bigger print runs. Which has been taking more time than I anticipated but I have been enjoying the process. It felt great to get the light table set up, make a screen and do the the first print that I have been wanting to test for several months. I am finding it really helpful to be reviewing all the different steps of the process and see areas where I can improved/ have developed my own little habits.

It was interesting to work with ruby lift again, In the past, I really didn’t like the process of making an exact trace with it. I tried some freehand with it and really enjoyed working with it. Is so quick for doing large background work. I think I will start to incorporate it more.

After searching high and low for some sort of dark box I ended up making a system of of random wood pieces and cloth to cover a table. It took me a long time to see this simple solution that was literally sitting in front of me the entire time.

The biggest aha moment I had recently, is how different screen printing can be approached when I view it as a medium where new discoveries can unfold within itself. Rather than a means of replicating another medium. It’s one thing to view it as a way to mass-produce a drawing/design. Often screen printing is viewed as a technical medium where the end goal must be clear from the beginning of the process. When I view it as a medium itself there is more room for experimentation that would not to possible without emersion within screen printing. For expsample the blue and black print was not planned out beforehand. It wasn’t until I started playing around with the prints that I saw a totally new possibility. I was really inspired by this moment and want to dedicate more time to bringing this way of practicing to my work.

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  1. Beautiful!
    The way you combined your screens looks so great. It make me so happy that it came out of experimentation and what you shared about screenprinting being more than a technical process but also a creative one!

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