Hey folks, I’m wondering if anyone has found a good company that does wholesale hemp hoodies? Chantal Solomon


I’ve been plugging along on my ideas 🍃 I designed my business card to focus on the main things I offer. I am going design a second one for Resilient Creatives. Which will be the name of the podcast I’m developing / the brand where I bring other artist under. Patch/Tag ideas Print idea/fountain blend…

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Sorry I haven’t been the best a weekly reflections. It’s been so nice to see everyone work coming to life. It’s been taking alot of effort to learn new programs for design and keep up with everything as my buisness has been a bit busier than I expected this time of year. I’ve been contemplating…

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Mood Board

Chantal Solomon

Reflection Week 2 & 3

Things have been flowing along. I have been testing different ways of setting up the studio to see what will work ergonomically in order to do bigger print runs. Which has been taking more time than I anticipated but I have been enjoying the process. It felt great to get the light table set up,…

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Week one reflection

I really enjoyed the first week of the course. I have found it easy to follow so far. It was nice to meet others who are curious about screen printing and inspired together. I’m not new to the printing process though it is a new venture to work on the goal of consistently offer screen…

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