Week one reflection

I really enjoyed the first week of the course. I have found it easy to follow so far. It was nice to meet others who are curious about screen printing and inspired together. I’m not new to the printing process though it is a new venture to work on the goal of consistently offer screen printed products to my audience. I have been wanting to take it more seriously in my business for a while. In recent years I have been in my own little world collecting used materials from various people who were no longer stoked about the medium while I sat on waitlists for studio spaces. Then, in December I acquired a lovely space which I have been working on setting up to be able to print. It was so nice to gain some comrades on the path and receive new equipment this week. It all brought a welcomed gust of motivation towards my project.

I still have work to do on the studio set up but I am feeling good about the progress so far. I started posting little update videos of my progress on my social media because I haven’t had time to make other content and people seem to like it so that has been nice.

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  1. Hi Chantal,

    I am so excited that you are with us and will be able to draw on and share all of your past screenprinting experience. We will all be able to motivate each other 🙂

    Feel free to share some photos of your space, or even link/embed your videos from social media – I would love to see

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