Week 1 reflection

This past week was a great start to learning , I thoroughly enjoyed setting up my studio and making my first print.

Being in a small space I had to make do with my studio I use a folding 4 foot table and area around it. With some organizational bins and my washout being my shower . For now it is my start but it will do. I plan to make some adjustments to better it as time goes on.

I did set up my screen for the first print this weekend with a few bumps along the way nothing I couldn’t trouble shoot , made all my practice runs until I was comfortable …. probably about 4 passes 🙂 I managed to make my print with ease and was amazed at how simple It really could be .

have to say I’m really excited for what to come !!


  1. Hi Kari,

    Great first print! I am so glad that you have found it simple to do – yay!

    I would love to see your setup, you can include some photos if you would like to share.

    It is also so heartening to read that you troubleshooted along the way with ease – screenprinting is all about troubleshooting!

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