Screen the World week one reflection

Today I created my first screen printing project with the screen print provided by Screen the World. I believe I did meet the module’s learning objectives by properly putting together and using the provided equipment to create a screen print as well as by following the directions from the zoom video call/module’s to be able to successfully do my first print!

I will attach a photo of the “studio” space I am using, which is currently the floor of my bedroom as I live in a shared space with my mother in law and don’t have a lot of room! However, we may have to be creative and use the dining room space upstairs for future purposes as it just does not work well enough in my bedroom. I currently don’t like my studio haha, but hoping that in the next couple months I will be in an apartment/my own space where I will have room to expand and have a space for all my art projects. Further down the road when I open my studio; I am looking forward to being able to

have it all there.

The set up of the supplies was not too bad, I am very glad my husband was here to help because it was really helpful, as Andy said, it really does make a difference having two people. Now I can use him as my test subject for teaching too! My biggest challenge was firstly, my flattest nozzle for my vacuum did not fit in the hole of the vacuum table. However with some tape we were able to get enough air inside to keep the paper flat. In the future I will likely get a small vacuum just for the vacuum table. Second, my local hardware store did not have a good tape dispenser so I bought a tape dispenser made for packing boxes, and that was a huge mistake cause it even has a warning sign and I still used my fingers and I ended up slicing my finger, bled for 20 minutes, but kept going once I made sure it wasn’t too deep (except I definitely got rid of the dispenser part and just used scissors for the tape instead and that did well enough. But besides those obstacles and the small, small space it was able to work!

Doing my first print was so exciting! seeing it actually work was such an incredible feeling. I felt a lot of anxiety the past couple day’s worried about how it would go but I surprised myself. Slow start and a slow beginning but for a complete beginner I was super happy with how well it went. I believe that when I kind of have a good set up prepared it’ll make the whole process a lot easier and more comfortable. Was so enjoyable and I can’t wait to keep going!


  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I really enjoyed reading your thorough and picture filled reflection!

    I hope the space is working out for you – the equipment is designed to be easily stored away. Also, you are very brave for screenprinting on a carpet floor! Wow.

    It really sounds like you persevered and overcome all the challenges that screenprinting provided so far 🙂

    I hope your finger is doing alright.

    1. Sam and Van….this must have been a bit frustrating at the beginning, I was yelling at the video “noooooooooooo turn the back bar over…..”

      But I’m so glad you pushed through. All valuable lessons. Washout looks good. We’ll talk tonight.

    2. Hi Sam & Van,

      I absolutely love the video format – you were able to convey so much about your first week screenprinting experience and showed off who you two are! It was great to watch and this format works so well for future customers as well.

      The team work you two showed in overcoming the problems of screenprinting is great (especially the running the vacuum) – I am so happy you persevered – and I am also so sorry I responded late to pointing you in the direction of the vacuum table assembly videos.

      Great prints! I hope that made it all worthwhile

  2. Sandra Smith
    Sunday, January 24, 2021

    Screen the World Reflection – Week 1

    Today I completed my first 5 screenprint on paper. It was an awkward process because my set up did not meet my needs. I would have liked to have more practice but I ended up getting paint on the squeegee handle that made it difficult to continue. It was harder to judge how much pressure I needed to use on the squeegee while pulling it across the screen. All five prints are missing paint or are very light in some spots.

    I felt comfortable setting up the vacuum table. My small shop vac is the right size and has the right amount of suction. I am still working on my washout station so tonight I just used a sponge and gently run some water over the screen from my kitchen tap to clean up the paint. The cleanup was pretty easy it sounded a lot harder than it was. I will be working on my studio set up which is my kitchen table tomorrow after class.

    1. Hi Sandra,

      Great first prints! With more practice you will get the colour filled in everywhere.

      I get ink on the squeegee handle far too often, which then gets your hands inky, and then you have to be very careful to not get it on your stock.

      I would love to see a picture of your setup and please let us know how your setup doesn’t meet your needs, we would love to support you however we can.

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