Sorry I haven’t been the best a weekly reflections. It’s been so nice to see everyone work coming to life.

It’s been taking alot of effort to learn new programs for design and keep up with everything as my buisness has been a bit busier than I expected this time of year.

I’ve been contemplating and writing about how I want to operate the screen printing side of my business. My ideas vs reality is a constant muse, motivation and source of confusion. My imagination sees big projects flowing smoothly but in reality my capacity to complete all the stepping stones is limited. In order to to stay motivated I need big goals. Hearing Andy talk has been great because he has run several buisness over the past 30 years. Him sharing how things have morphed over the years helped me see that there is no perfect solution and that it’s ok that things keep evolving on my end.

I’m currently unsure if I want to print for other people or continue to do my own thing but I’m hoping that will become clearer in time. For now I’m focusing on building a foundation.

I set up my buisness banking account which felt very grown up 🤓

I’ve spent quite alot of time working with financial templates for determining my screen printing costs which was really helpful because I realized that I haven’t been charging people for my clean up time which often tastes a long time. That was quite eye opening and made me realize that it’s kind of an energy drain to not charge for the whole process in anything I am making.

I hope the art starts flowing more soon!!

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