Adventure, Week 2

Our screen printing gear is cohabitating with the Library.

Coated screen has a bit of a thick band through it

Burn baby burn!

Samples on fabric and paper.

Emulsion failure at wash out stage. We neglected to cure in the sun.




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  1. Hi Rod and Emily,

    Awesome prints, I especially like the detail that showed up from your parsley!

    Just to reiterate what we already discussed, the thick band in your emulsion is due to not waiting at the bottom of the screen for the emulsion to be contacting the screen all the way across the screen. The ‘V’ occurs because as you move up, more and more emulsion is in contact with the screen.
    Likewise, the corner of the screen that failed during washout, that is no problem at all and a common thing to have happen. Since there was extra emulsion in that area, the area was underexposed. Curing it in the sun after you washed out the initial exposure would indeed harden that up and it good practice as it can catch other detail in your image.

    Nice prints overall. We’ve gotten a taste of your art now through this collage, so I’m curious to see what you’ll come up with next!

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