I didn’t get enough c clamps so my station was wobbly. I will be sure to pick up more asap. My screen somewhat developed but the fine lines didn’t come through. Im not sure if it was my screen, the lines, or my developing. I did one sample on a t-shirt and one on a sweater. The one on the sweater didn’t come through very well but the t shirt did. I definitely need to do a stronger pull depending on the material. I like the way the acrylic and the ruby came out. I can’t wait to give it another go.


  1. Hi Patricia,

    Yes, the fine lines did indeed not quite show up. I would try 12 minutes on your next exposure (or even 11 as Curtis found success with 11). That could help in exposing the fine lines. Alternatively, which I would highly recommend when learning, is to thicken up your lines.

    I would like to see some pictures of your prints on fabric. Printing on fabric does require more force than paper because it is squishy and thicker, especially sweaters, which you experienced. One technique that can help is to do two print strokes on fabric (without flooding im-between or lifting up the screen). This can help push more ink through. If you do lift up the screen and notice that the image didn’t transfer well, then if the stock didn’t move (i.e. you used a lot of stick’em) then you may be able to flood and print again. All worth experimenting for what works best for you.

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