Reflection 2- Film, Screens, & Stencils

Coating the screen wasn’t easy, but I know It will become easier with practice.

Creating a mixed media collage with found materials, and then seeing how everything translates to a print was such a fun surprise!

I exposed my collage screen a little too long and the end result was far from what I was hoping for. I’m still very happy I made it through the whole process after setting up the t-shirt jig!

Reclaiming the screens in the bathtub wasn’t as bad as I imagined.  Certain spots have stubborn ghost images, but I’m thinking positive that all will be ok with them!

I’m looking forward to making more stencils. I really loved working with the rubylith, pastel and sharpie the best.

I don’t think I have a preference between paper and fabric but I do love how quiet the t-shirt jig is. 🙂


Collage with beads, moss, cedar boughs, feathers as well as drawings with pastel, india ink, and sharpie.







  1. Thank you!

    I used a turtle picture I seen online as a reference, but instead of the usual carapace on their backs, I drew the circles in the center to represent the 13 moon cycles per year and little circles to represent the 28 days between one new moon to the next all around the outer shell.

    I will eventually be redoing this with more of a symmetrical look, and also would like to make each moon have details within. This stencil is a mix of China marker, India ink sharpie and thick oil pastel. I hand cut the circles with a knife to make the circles pop out as pure white for now.
    Hand cutting them all was tricky and I need practice with my circles to make them less jageddy.
    The clone tools of Photo shop might be in my near future for a series of turtle moon calendars!

    I arranged Moss, Sage, and Cedar on the moon for this exposure, and liked how it was looking before that detail washed out down the drain. I also like how the flicker feather turned out.
    The polka dot feather was cut in rubylithe with a hole puncher, and the bear paw was sharpie drawn on film and the holes also made with a hole puncher. All the dots you see around the feathers, as well as the backwards Big Dipper is confetti from the holes. (I forgot to reverse that stencil! lol)
    I’d like to also create beading designs by arranging the dots and speaking of beads, the black blob that you see near the pinhole is actually a cluster of seed beads that looked cool when burned on the screen. light came through the holes and it looked cool for a minute before washing down the drain.
    The edges of the stencil with the polka dot flower burned into the screen for some wierd reason, but I thought it looked cool like a frame, and the accidental pin hole looked cool within that frame so I kept it. I didn’t block it with tape. I’m happy with these accidents!! lol

    This learning project was lots of fun and so full of surprises!
    Looking forward to more experiments!


  2. Hi Selena,

    What beautiful art you have on that screen. Did you make the turtle?! Which methods did you use for it? I love it.

    Great picture of your exposed screen, it really conveys how well everything has exposed. I do agree it is overexposed – which time did you use? In the future you can try 11-12 minutes.

    Your prints look true to the screen, both on fabric and paper. Great job.

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