I spent some time reworking the turtle moon calendar stencil I made for the collage. I would like to create a better version in Photoshop at some point to print onto a film. I like the idea of Turtle Island being together with the Moon and will have to really work hard at getting the circles right.  I can make it an even better image with time, but I am happy with how much I did in such little time considering life has been extra hectic lately.

I think of my late mom when I see turtles, because she was obsessed with turtles, and I always think of her when I see them, or if I am hit with unexpected grief and missing her, I will see one in the clouds etc.

I reclaimed both screens yesterday, and both have ghost images, and I am hoping all will be ok with them. I coated one and thought it was dry today, and was super excited to burn my image print and still have time to relax before class, but things changed. There are no heaters in my drying cave but the room was pretty warm so I thought it would be ok. I was wrong!! I ended up reclaiming my screen right away after burning the image. I didn’t bother pulling a print because I knew it was a bad result after the water first hit the screen, I knew I didn’t wait long enough for it to dry, but…I am happy with how the image transferred. I was able to see it briefly before it washed away down the drain.

I recoated the other screen just now, and will wait a couple days before exposing my image. I realized another mistake was that I failed to pay attention to details and just grabbed any screen and coated it, without checking to make sure it was a 110 mesh. At this point, I am not sure what screen is currently coated and drying.

Speaking of coating I discovered that there were chunks of emulsion getting dragged and realized I made another mistake by likely not wiping the threading of the emulsion jar as good as I thought I did, and so there were some chunks I had to pick out from the scoop coater.

I accept that there will be a zillion of things that will go wrong but I pledge to myself to not stress about it.

I am having so much fun and feel hopeful that eventually I will get it.


  1. Hi Selena,

    I like this little writing into your process. There are always a zillion things that can go wrong in screenprinting which is why we treat it like a practice of problem solving. It sounds like you are being a great problem solver, so no need to stress. Every thing that goes wrong is a valuable learning process.

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