Inspiration Struck

No Pride in Genocide Another emotional week and with the upcoming colonial celebrations upon us, inspiration struck.  Lisa posted her video on Tiktok and had a little viral response.  We uploaded designs onto existing Etsy account and sold out in about 3 hours.  Thank goodness I had stock on hand that I had ordered from…

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Procreate Tutorials

Do you use Procreate for your design work? We have come across some great tutorials online teaching you how to use Procreate. For a limited time, is offering their course for free!!! Sign up here: There is also this fantastic YouTube series on Procreate. When using Procreate, make sure you setup your resolution…

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How to get this effect?

Hi all, Wondering if anyone has any idea how to get this similar background effect like in this photo (the light/dark turquoise colors)? I was thinking of creating like a texture with a paint roller for like a stipple effect? Or..? Thanks!! Erik erikruhe

Paint Splatter Look

Question: If I wanted to make paint splatter look on a tee, how would I go about doing that without it being big globs of ink? I’m sure there’s other issues I’m not considering so any tips are appreciated. I saw a tee on a tv show and I loved the idea. It had white…

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Your Brand & Product Inspiration

We shared some very useful links and inspiration during class and I wanted to make the links more accessible and to continue the conversation here. Please use the comment section below to add some of your brand/product inspirations or to share your thoughts and perspectives. First of all if you want to learn more about…

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First Peoples Cultural Council “Arts Vitality Microgrant” Arts Vitality Micro-Grant Canada Council for the Arts “Concept to Realization” Canada Council for the Arts “Creating, Knowing, and Sharing” BC Arts Council “Microgrant Program” **note: not accepting applications at this moment, but may be soon! screentheworldWe are a multidisciplinary team with a rich and…

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2 color print

I tweaked an oil painting that I started long ago. Worked in Photoshop. My drawing needs improvement. I will definitely try a shorter exposure time for the next project.  I lost a lot of detail in the hummingbird feathers and bleeding hearts, but I loved the process! Having fun!!Learning lots! 🙂 Selena

Where’s the bulls eye?

I almost forgot to add the bullseye!! Can someone please let me know where to find  the download? Thank You!! 🙂 Selena

Trouble Uploading Photos?

UPDATE There was indeed a minor site error that may have been the root to the file upload problem. That is now resolved, so for your Week 2 reflection, this should be a non-issue. Thank you for your patience! Please note that the following issue below may still be a problem for you and I…

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