Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Do you have a sketchbook full of designs waiting to come to life? Are you looking to increase the production of your artwork?

Screenprinting for Entrepreneurs is a 10 week program hosted by Wachiay Studio. This program has been developed to teach artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs how to screenprint while also providing foundational business skills to support you as you grow your business.

Our mission is to support small-scale artists and entrepreneurs, particularly those living in rural and remote areas, to create capacity and self-sufficiency that bolsters local economies and supports healthy communities.

Why Screenprinting? 

Screenprinting is a unique, creative, inclusive, and universallyused tool for production.  It is an exceptionally versatile printing process; ink can be printed on almost any surface: paper, textiles, metal, wood, and electronics. 

Screenprinting is very accessible – on completion of this course, you will have all the tools and know-how needed to continue printing, build your brand, and develop your business.

The Course

This 10 week online course will include the following modules: 

  1. Setting up your studio
  2. The printing process 
  3. Introduction to design
  4. Building a brand
  5. Accounting fundamentals 
  6. Marketing and promotion 

On completion of the program, you will have a well-rounded understanding of the screenprinting process, be aware of career opportunities in a screenprinting studio, and will have the confidence and capability to begin and/or grow your own business. 

This course will be completely remote – from the comfort of your home! Instruction will include a mix of online modules, video chats, skill-developing activities, and personal projects.

Though we have developed the course with your busy schedule in mind, this course will require your commitment, time, and focus. Be prepared to commit 10-12 hours per week.  

Course SyllabusDownload


“I feel there is so much to learn; yet there are so many new opportunities to expand my art skills and style, while also branching out into the business world and developing a new product line truly unique to me. I also love that this is something my family can learn and benefit from and that I can also eventually share my new skills with others in my community. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and experience!”

“I have been extremely impressed with the way this course has been able to remotely instruct students on the basics of screen printing. Having the course formatted as a distance program that can be done from the comfort of your home has made it accessible in a way that it otherwise would not have been. The materials provided were perfect to get everyone off to a great start and all the instructors are knowledgeable, kind, and generous with their time. The online platform works quite well and is easy to navigate, while the Zoom calls create an actual classroom feel and sense of community that I really appreciate.”

Wachiay Studio acknowledges with respect and gratitude the Pentlach and K’omoks Coast Salish peoples, the traditional keepers of this land, on whose unceded territory we work, create, make, and reside.

Exemplary Weekly Reflection Posts

Mary and Agi Exposure and Halftone Practice

We used one of Agi’s designs to attempt to make a halftone image. We found the lighter colours didn’t apply as well through the exposure process. Agi also discovered adobe illustrator for Ipad doesn’t really have options for dither or halftone. Procreate on the other hand has a silkscreening half tone option. We also put…

week two reflection

Collage/exposure/printing well……this was a HUGE adventure/disaster and learning curve for me. I coated my screen, put them it a dark box and and did my first exposure. When I went to rinse, all the emulsion came off too, except for a couple of spots. I ended up reclaiming. SO on my second and third tries…

My 3 ideas

I have these designs that I’d like to print. I know the multi-coloured skull design is a bit ambitious but I think I can do it! I have an idea to make brand new baby sets. I’d like to put my bear paw design on a swaddle blanket and add a couple of other products…

Hagwil Yaan Mood Board

A little behind on uploading for the Mood Board assignment. This past week was a heavy one. Creating is a healing space for me, so this assignment was a helpful space to process for Lisa and I. Hagwil yaan n’siipnsku. Walk gently my friends. Algandi Luk’odn. You are not alone.

Mood Board

This was a fun project! Looking forward to making more!  For this one, I combined some of my photography with my paintings. Many layers of different opacity etc. I forced myself to stop and leave it, and just upload as is, even though I feel like I can easily spend many more hours playing around…

Nature Exposed Mood Board

I have picked out a brand name, style, and overall direction. Nature Exposed Art that dives into the natural and scientific world, revealing the beauty of science.   Mood Board   Unfortunately, I have not done a lot of screenprinting this week, but I have been extensively working on my brand logo and other designs. …

Ghosts are Haunting Meeeeee!!

Such potential! These ghosts, i tell yah. Very frustrating. I haven’t had much success with my screen. My textile screen is still prepped tho so i will be working on a textile design and put this to the side for awhile. Sad face. I have been working on this design digitally as well. It is…

2 color print

I tweaked an oil painting that I started long ago. Worked in Photoshop. My drawing needs improvement. I will definitely try a shorter exposure time for the next project.  I lost a lot of detail in the hummingbird feathers and bleeding hearts, but I loved the process! Having fun!!Learning lots! 🙂

T-Birds etc…

O.k. We successfully coated and shot our new screens, starting with the step exposure. Successful step exposure print with notes added Exposing Thunderbird 1 screen. We decided to put both colours separations on one screen. Close up of 2 colour print. Because the printer would not make the transparency dark enough, I reworked the film…

Week 5

So I finally got to do some prints from the last couple weeks of trying. I was doing awesome after setting up until the plastic clamp I was using to prop ny screen up decided to break off and fling my rope and everything. I was able to keep the shirt free of ink splatter…

Logo-No go. Register attempt/Business Logo.

Emulsion went on blotchy?, have not had that problem before…didn’t seem to affect burn or wash out. Printed my logo to clear stencil, seemed to work this time. Highlighted and filled areas in and around logo I wanted to be blue. A bit tricky and time consuming with fine tip sharpie… Had problem with register…

Week five

Had better luck with the Wayi Wah clock image when using digital means. Screened up some kids tees, one ended up a bit blurry not sure why?? Lisa and I collaborated on a design based on a story I shared with her of Blue berry picking with elders. We digitized it because we seem to…

Week 5

I’ve completed a 2 color print! But before learning about the useful bullseye! I didn’t incorporate it in this print but I can 100% for sure guarantee  I will next time! It was tough every print I had to not flood, and check the print for alignment every time through the screen, because each print…


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