First week reflection

Hey, so I also have the problem where I can’t attach pictures but this week was awesome. Feeling very grateful to be a part of the course and to have been given all of this equipment!

I think what I learned the most this week was just how important having the right stuff is.

I jumped into learning how to screen print on my own, and quickly learned how much variety there is to screen printing stuff out there, but I feel learning about the function of everything and the 8 steps is super helpful.

I managed to get some decent prints from the stencilled screen I ended up just using a 1.5 litre water bottle as my counter weight it worked pretty well.

I didn’t get a print that looked perfect to me, but I think I know where I went to wrong. I think I kept missing some little spots by the edges of the design, probably could be fixed with more practice on the squeegee.

looking forward to next time.


  1. Hi Joshua,

    it’s super exciting to see your setup, prints, and that you tried an exposure too! wow.

    Regarding your prints, which squegee did you use? the shorter one or the longer one? If you used the shorter one, then that might be why some of the sides are missing ink.

    The step exposure you did looks great! You’re miles ahead!

    ps. the emulsion we provided in the kits is around 13 minutes.

    1. Awesome thanks for that! I’ll have to try the emulsion that came with the kits!

      I used the 8inch one and I think that’s why I was missing some of the edges of the design with my squeegee!

      I’ve been trying exposures with chroma line magna cure HV or something like that and I’ve been having decent results.

      Just found out my transparency’s are the cause of an issue I’ve been having. I’ve had light going through the film positives so in gunna try double up on them to see if they work that way!

  2. Here’s some pictures, also tried the exposure test out with some emulsion I got a little while ago, this new light is really nifty, I found the best results were actually from 2-4 minutes of exposure! Huh, beats my old times of 20+ I was getting using a work light.

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