First Week Reflection!

Hi everyone,

This week has been great so far! it definitely feels like its going by faster than expected, lots of good information & fun to do.
The setup was super easy after watching the demonstration on ‘How To’, easy to follow along & straight to the point. We were able to assemble quite quickly.

We were worried that we didn’t have a ‘C-Clamp” for the screen to be held up but luckily because there’s two of us we got through without one.

Our space is quite small as is, which was also a concern but this setup fit nicely on our kitchen table or my office workspace. awesome! super happy with that! ( Thank you all again for all of the equipment! Super Grateful! )

Printing was interesting in how different pressures present you with very different results..  and we weren’t sure but the amount of time you leave the screen down after pressing keeps the ink soaking into the paper, it gave us a blotch, haha!  all very fun and loved it. Also couldn’t post photos as it said it wasn’t allowed on this post. sorry!

Clean up was a a breeze , we used our bathtub & shower head,  everything came off great.

Natasha & Bill


  1. Hi Natasha & Bill,

    Thanks for your well written reflection!

    It’s great that the equipment fits into your small place well. It is designed to collapse and be tucked away.

    Good insight into the squeegee pressure.

    The amount of time that the screen remains ontop of the stock after a pull ‘shouldn’t’ matter. When you do a pull, it should push all the ink through, so there would be nothing left to continue seeping into the paper. Like we chatted about in class, I imagine that your first prints just had too large of a flood.

    It’s great to see the progression of your prints and how the extra ink cleaned itself up!

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