My first week reflection

Hey guys, I want to reflect on my first week of printing. For some reason I keep getting this message when I try to attach pictures “Sorry, you are not allowed to attach files to this post.”

So I will at least write my reflection here.

My first week flew by me due to my work calling me in almost every day! But that’s okay I work well under pressure. I was able to clear out a spot on my basement to set up a shop area to work in. It’s still a work in progress but we made due. I say we because my husband has showed an interest in sharing this experience with me. He won’t have class involvement  directly with the class but I will be printing with him and we will learn together, how exciting!

I completed the setup and printing Monday evening after the kids had gone to bed. We had a bit of a tricky time finding the proper counterweight but in the end found a big jug of paint that did the trick. We chose blue to print our first design. It worked out beautifully and the only little errors we had looked like possibly going to slow to flood the screen. Is that a thing or am I crazy?

We had great success getting the vacuum table set up and functioning. Although we haven’t yet gotten a hold of C clamps, we will do that today so when we need to set the lamp up, we can.

Overall I feel like this is a great venture for us. I have always wanted to set up a studio and the timing was perfect for us. We have the space, time (usually) abilities and drive to do this. I am so excited about how serendipitous this has turned out. As you might know from my last post I do arts, stickers and was working on apparel and printing my own was my ultimate goal.

Thanks for the great week. I feel a lot more confident moving to the next module now that I’ve had some hands on assignments.


  1. Hi Rachelle,

    Thank you for such a well written reflection!
    There was a site error and now you should be able to upload pictures directly into your reflection.

    You mentioned if your printing error were due to a slow flood. We already did talk about this in class but the blur in the top is likely due to other causes such as dust, dirt, not completely flooding the image, or not applying enough pressure (during that top portion). There are many possible issues here and we’re going to learn that the overall screenprinting process involves a lot of troubleshooting!

    I am glad that this course is so serendipitous for you! Excited to see what you’ll be making.

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