Week 5/6? Two colour


So I completed my two colour print. It was a process as per usual I worried about what my design would be. I decided to make it easy for my first time and did a circle one colour with a design on top. I had difficulties with the registration and wasn’t able to paste it into my program. I’ll have to work on that and trouble shoot this week. I’ve attached some photos of the printing process. The circle wasn’t perfect most of the time I think it was tough for me to fill the whole circle/plus when it printed my printer was low on ink so there were marks through it. Additionally I think I may have printed it Upside down? It worked but I was trying to remember what side to print the image on (Google said the rougher feeling side) so I attempted and it still burnt through which was great. I tried printing on 2 tshirtsni had as well and that went OK. When I pulled the shirt off the jig it warped the circle to and oval which was weird but it looks ok. Blue didn’t show as well on black shirt but the silver looked really good even though it didn’t print perfectly. Glad they were my practice shirts! I think once I get the hang of registering it’ll make my work so much better (obviously).

I’ll add a few graphic art inspirations below as well!

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