Mood Board

This was a fun project! Looking forward to making more!  For this one, I combined some of my photography with my paintings. Many layers of different opacity etc. I forced myself to stop and leave it, and just upload as is, even though I feel like I can easily spend many more hours playing around…

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Mood Board Take 1!

RodandEmMoodBoard Our mood board has become a guideline of the studio space we are building, we are looking forward to inviting printers and performers to come and make and eat there, including our classmates here! We are hoping to figure out how to add video footage to our mood board, so things like this piece…

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Nature Exposed Mood Board

I have picked out a brand name, style, and overall direction. Nature Exposed Art that dives into the natural and scientific world, revealing the beauty of science.   Mood Board   Unfortunately, I have not done a lot of screenprinting this week, but I have been extensively working on my brand logo and other designs. …

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Tee Bird Continued….

After agonising about the 2 colour fabric image, I decided to continue to work the way I always do. I created the lightning bolt to accompany the Thunder bird, because that is what I envisioned as phase 2 of this design progression. I also decided that exact registration was not necessary to this design. The…

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Mood Board

Here is my mood board! My apologies for not being on last week. hjalmerw

Week 5/6? Two colour

hi! So I completed my two colour print. It was a process as per usual I worried about what my design would be. I decided to make it easy for my first time and did a circle one colour with a design on top. I had difficulties with the registration and wasn’t able to paste…

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Mood Board

Chantal Solomon