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Victory calmness creative and family. My husband beat cancer in 2019. The heart represents love the designs are my husband and my tribes. The hands of my granddaughters represents family. I created the Sun mask it represents connection to earth and nature. And the knife in hand is me working on a stencil for a client. Represents an income. All of these components lead to happiness!


    1. Rosetemple – I was born into a long line of artist each one had some thing to teach me something. But my Daddy was the main person that had the most influence on me as an artist. I have dabbled in most mediums. From painting to carving to silversmith to fashion design and hairstylist. There is nothing that I can’t do. Some it may take more thinking and planning but I get it done. If I like doing it I will keep doing it! If not I can say yes I did it. I have a lot of patience for learning new things. I am kind to everyone but if you decide you want to ruffle my feathers they don’t straighten out the same. I will alway be reminded to be careful and not be as giving in the future. But stay on my good side I will be a life long friend. K’alams lax la ilx this is my Nisgaa traditional name it means Wild Rose of our hunting grounds. I am Killerwhale. If you want to know more just ask I love meeting new friends and catching up with old friends.
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      Thank you

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