Week 1 Reflection

My new utility cart on wheels! Love!
  • Did you meet the module’s learning objectives? Would you to learn more about something in more detail? Was something of particular interest to you? I believe I’ve met the objectives. Simple and straightforward. I am the ‘annoying girl’ in class who asks lots of questions but that’s how I get the full lesson and understand content better. Anything I’ve wanted to know more in detail I’ve asked questions about.
  • Show off your studio with some pictures – what do you like about your personal studio? Did you put in any special touches? I wish I had more space and a more organized space to work. I did buy myself a utility cart to hold equipment, materials and paints, etc. See photo.
  • How was it to build the equipment and set up your studio? Did you experience any hurdles that you had to overcome? Not at all. The instructions were pretty clear and easy to follow. I appreciate the work STW did to put these packages together, thank you.
  • How was your first print? See photo.
Selfie time!
The final product!
My kitchen studio will have to do.


  1. Well done! That’s perfect, and I love the cart as well.

    When I was young and stupid, I was into motorcycles and hung out with a bunch of racers who somehow knew way more about everything. I asked one of them how he knew so much. He told me:

    “Ask questions, keep asking questions. Ask questions until they get tired and tell you to go away. Go away for a while, then come back and ask more questions.”

    Now I’m old – and still stupid, and I still like motorcycles, and I still like asking questions. Feed your curiosity about how things work, and more importantly, why they don’t work.
    Use your head….

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