first kick at the can

This past weekend I attempted to make my first print. I set up my workspace with all my tools and materials at hand. My “studio” is my kitchen table in the small apartment that I share with my eleven year old son, which is a bit of a difficulty on its own. I didn’t quite realise how big the equipment is. It’s okay though, we can eat on the couch…. who am I kidding, we have been all year anyways


First issue, I didn’t have a clamp for my water bottle counterweight yet, but that is easily ignored for now. Next issue, although I have a handy and powerful cordless Dyson vacuum, I didn’t quite realise that it doesn’t have an on/off power button, but that was also overcome by utilising slave/child labour to stand to the side and hold the button down for me. I was so excited to add ink to the screen and pull my first print… but it only printed part of the design. I tried again, but it printed less. I tried a third time and all I got were a few splotches! I washed up my screen and decided to re-watch the instructional videos and try again the next day. The child was deeply unimpressed with my inaugural attempt.


    1. maybe – it says Ink Jet – treated for screen printing positives, but the price is pretty low 27 for 100 sheets….I think we pay about 60 plus shipping.

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