First Print- Silkscreen- Screen the World

After some major issues with a live printing video, I have decided just breakdown and just write a post! Throughout the course of the next 10 weeks, I am excited to not only print, and learn more about silkscreen printing, but also sharing our experiences through blog posts, as well as video documentation, once we figure out some of the technical issues!

This past week we got our make-shift studio up and running and pulled our first prints, using a preprepared screen, by the folks at Wachiay Studio. The screen had one or two pin holes we covered and two designs on the screen. We just printed one of the designs, and though the first pulls didn’t come out perfect, the next few worked great!

The kit we received for this class is amazing! The set-up for the first print, using the vacuum table, was quick and easy to build, and a great system for lining up the prints. We did about 10 prints from the first try and they are all positioned really nicely on the paper. We are excited to get into the week 2 modules and build our T-Shirt jig, and exposure light stand.

We did get a laundry sink, for free! And that has become our washout area, and so far so good! We are excited for the next classes and learning more!

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  1. Hi Hjalmer,

    Great first prints! very crisp.
    ans well written post, you’ve captured the big picture of this first week 🙂

    Video blogging is also a great goal for sharing experiences – feel free to reach out to me or Scott (or peers like Sam and Van) for any help overcoming technical issues.

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