Screen The World at Print Austin – Part 3

We’re printing the second colour of Rodney Sayers’ “Codfish Ate the Moon” using the specialized equipment featured in Screen the World — an online training program that teaches anyone, anywhere how to start screenprinting. Learn more about Screen the World at We’ve joined forces with Print Austin and our good friend, Rodney Sayers, to…

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New Training Opportunity

Screenprinting for Entrepreneurs Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Do you have a sketchbook full of designs waiting to come to life? Are you looking to increase the production of your artwork? Do you live in British Columbia, Canada? Keep reading! Wachiay Friendship Centre is excited to announce a new online training…

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Featured in Screenprinting Magazine

The latest issue of Screenprinting Magazine just hit the web and Andy wrote a column. It’s about exposure – and much more. In it we introduce some innovative interactive tools we have been working on, and also a video showing how to do a solar exposure. Screen the World! Check it out here. screentheworldWe are…

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Can’t Wait…..

Something great is happening today… not an election. Screen the World should be appearing in the new issue of Screenprinting Magazine. We’re going to share a couple of new things we’re working on, and discuss the importance of screen making to the process. Stay tuned. I’ll put a link up as soon as it goes…

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Making a Photostencil with the Sun

The sun is an amazing source for full spectrum UV light. Using our homemade exposure unit we exposed a screen with the sun to prove it can create quality stencils. We used a our Step Exposure Gauge as well as the professional Autotype Exposure Calculator and a Stouffer Step Wedge to compare our findings. All…

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Filming of the Exposing Unit

We have been filming some DIY equipment for you. Stay tuned for the full videos.This is a birds-eye-view, time lapse of our filming session for an exposing unit. screentheworldWe are a multidisciplinary team with a rich and diverse background who want to empower anyone, anywhere, to start to screenprint.