Completely blew the first go

I completely blew the first go of my multiple layer print. Just had to share before I did it all again. I completely forgot the registration marks. My black outline was way to thick with the China marker, and I missed printing some of the mane. I wanted to have the top part of the mane to be a darker colour with pink, purple and black, but now realizing that black would cover it up completely anyways. Lots of learning in this go around. 😂


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  1. Hi Jamie,

    This is a solid first go! I like it 🙂

    And also lot’s of learning! The thick outline looks like you were easily able to trap the pink/purple blend underneath even without bullseye registration marks! It may not look asthetically how you wanted it to, but you avoided the all to common headache of not enough trap.

    Your next go will be even better!

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