Cleaning Screens

It always seems to be something…. 🤦‍♂️ I couldn’t find the video showing how to make the solution for removal. i heard someone say that the solution makes 2 bottles of remover. i put half of the white liquid in a small bottle into the spray bottle and sprayed on both sides of the screen and started scrubbing with the scrubber. it did not seem to do much so i figured i needed to scrub harder. After maybe 5 min i assumed i made a mistake so i noticed the small bottle with salt looking crystals put a tiny amount on the sponge and checked to see if that was the key and Viola!!!! ahhhh. learning everyday… cleaned and coated and have them now drying in a small dark room with a space heater so really hoping this will be the week it all comes together!!!

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  1. Oooooooh Yikes! There is always something …

    The white liquid is stickum – it is used on the T-Rex T-shirt Jig as a light glue that keeps the shirts down when printing.

    Glad that you solved the problem!

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