Week 3

Hey everyone. For week 3 we made our way through all the steps again. We reclaimed then recoated both screens. We exposed several stencils and found items. We did the test screen as well, which did not expose very well for us.
We were able to make several shirts off one of the exposed stencils drawn by Van. However, we did find there was one small section that did not wash out (on the petals of one of the flowers). This could be because there was some light breaking through the stencil that resulted in the emulsion hardening to the mesh? Or perhaps our exposure time was just a tiny bit too long because the emulsion did seem a slight bit darker where the problem area was. We printed the stencil anyways and where the ink could not go through we used a small foam brush and just touched it up that way, which worked rather well (problem solving?). We’ve attached a short video of the process and a picture of Sam’s chicken which, sadly, was exposed backwards so kcob kcob oops.

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