mood board

(and my sticky mat)

I expected my mood board to change; but it didn’t really. Most of my art is graphic, bright, happy and based on the coastal environment. I work a lot in red. The odemin & kagagi (strawberry & crow) are culturally important to me. I added the textiles and the pop bottle because I work in marine debris and upcycling. I did end up making more boards on Milanote that I am using for product development and future artwork. It’s tons of fun.

Sticky mat on my platen, you can see how the centre line on the mat is aligned with the one on the platen. I attached it with double-sided Scotch Tape. This has been super helpful in printing on my kitchen towels, and making sure I am printing the image in the right place.
This is what the package looks like. You can buy them at Micheals.


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