Firefly Exposing Frame

When making a stencil, the film image needs to be pressed tight to the mesh and emulsion to create an accurate sharp stencil. Typically, this is done with a vacuum frame/lamp system, which could cost thousands depending on the manufacturer. The Firefly offers a simple way to hold all the components together tightly, and use an inexpensive UV lamp, or the sun, to create strong sharp detailed photo stencils. It uses compression provided by the soft foam to press the glass, the film, and the stencil material together easily, and does not
require power.

The Firefly is specially designed to be built by anyone with a bit of carpentry skills. Once constructed, it is used in Screen the World as an integral part of the studio equipment needed in the process.


How-To-BUILD-IT Video

How-To-BUILD-IT Printable Guide

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