Week 4

So I couldn’t get my printer to recognize the inkjet sheets, it refused to print on it. So that sucks, I tried to print on my old little cannon ink jet too and it wouldn’t come out black, It was only printing in dark purple. I printed like 6 times over and it was still too transparent.

I ended up just using what I had and both of these designs originated on a traditional medium form, one was the sharpie drawing from last week and the other is an old pencil sketch that I refined in a few ways over the years. I used my vinyl cutter to get the designs printed. Sadly these designs didn’t have a huge amount of fine detail like we were supposed to use this week but I tried anyways.

It looked promising at first but I think the walk from the basement to the back yard wto use the hose might have exposed it a bit too much and the small lines didn’t wash out.

I’m also having a hard time getting all of the emulsion out around the edges, there is shadowing as well as clumps of stuff that just wont come off no matter how much I add remover wait a minute and rinse rinse.

I read somewhere that you can dip the screens in water immediately after you expose just to get the small details washed out before it cures from the daylight?

Anyways, this week was also a bust. I reclaimed the screen and will attempt again with a different wash out spot I guess. Maybe I can throw a towel over the screen to transport it to the back yard? Who knows , haha!



  1. Hi Rachelle,

    Keep up persevering! Screenprinting is about problem solving. It sounds like you have identified the root of your problems. Starting with the film, every printer is indeed different and has their own things to understand. If your printer isn’t working could you try a friends, neighbours, or local print shop?

    After exposure and before washout, it is important to keep the sun off the screen. You could indeed do what you mentioned, in getting the screen very wet before taking it outside to the hose.

    I’ve also got some of that emulsion left over around the edges. It will likely come out with a pressure washer. So long as you thoroughly wash out all of the emulsion remover it will still come out in the future when you find a pressure washer. In the meantime though, the edges are far away from the useful printing area, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

    Good luck and looking forward to seeing your prints.

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