Preparing Art for Screenprinting

Preparing Art for Screenprinting

Art & Design is where it all starts – this is what you will eventually print. Understanding how a design can impact the printing process is invaluable – a little forethought and preparation here can save a lot of time later.

We think it is so important for artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to understand how screenprinting works in order to prepare art for the best possible outcome.

The most hard to grasp concepts in screenprinting are:

  • Multicolour seperations – each colour needs its own screen in screenprinting. Seperating colours is an art in its own. There are many different styles to choose from and the combination of two (or more) colours can create a new colour.
  • Trapping – trapping is an overlap between two region of colours. This overlap allows for some leniency in the printing process. The larger the ‘trap’ the more forgiving the art is to print.

Below is a full learning module on the Art process for Screenprinting.