Equipment Build Guides

Here you will find all of the build guide tutorials so that YOU can build your own screenprinting equipment.

Giraffe Light Arm

These instructions will guide you through the process of building an Light Arm to hold a 500W Halogen or LED light. With the Exposure Frame and Light Arm setup you will be able to expose your designs on film onto a coated screen, and use UV light to create a photo stencil of your image.…

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Firefly Exposing Frame

When making a stencil, the film image needs to be pressed tight to the mesh and emulsion to create an accurate sharp stencil. Typically, this is done with a vacuum frame/lamp system, which could cost thousands depending on the manufacturer. The Firefly offers a simple way to hold all the components together tightly, and use…

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Rabbit Vacuum Table

A vacuum table is used when printing on paper or other flatstock materials. The suction of the vacuum ensures the material remains in place while printing, minimizing material sticking to the underside of the screen, controlling issues with blurring, and allowing for more accurate and quick registration. It is ergonomic and simple in its use.…

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T-Rex T-Shirt Jig

The Tee-Rex one colour t-shirt press is used to print a design onto different types of textiles, by placing the textile on the platen, then lowering the screen. It is ergonomic and simple to use – it clamps to the top of a table in minutes, and breaks down and stores away. Unlike similar one…

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