Weeks 2&3 reflections

I am a tad behind but still loving what’s going on, I have had technical device issues so I couldn’t attend zooms but had followed in the past zooms section. In week 2 I used a drawing my daughter drew for me she was curious how the entire process worked. I copied her drawing to…

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Reflection Week 3

Will update written part later. hjalmerw

Week 3

Hey everyone. For week 3 we made our way through all the steps again. We reclaimed then recoated both screens. We exposed several stencils and found items. We did the test screen as well, which did not expose very well for us. We were able to make several shirts off one of the exposed stencils…

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Reflection Week 2 & 3

Things have been flowing along. I have been testing different ways of setting up the studio to see what will work ergonomically in order to do bigger print runs. Which has been taking more time than I anticipated but I have been enjoying the process. It felt great to get the light table set up,…

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Reflection Week 2 – Sandy

I used acrylic paint for the hand print, an oil based sharpie for the slogan and small ferns as my found object. Monday night I exposed my screen and the image was pretty clear and the lines crisp. Below are the steps I followed when exposing my screen: Light in the third notch from the…

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